19 Home Turn-Off Solutions

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19 Home Turn-Offs-- And Their Solutions

Every spring as the home selling market picks up, so does the amount of time we spend looking at properties with our buyers, saying among ourselves, “What were these owners thinking?” Most importantly, what was their agent thinking?

A good agent will work hard to help clients truly prepare their house for the market, even if that requires an uncomfortable dose of reality. Is your agent telling you some things you just don’t want to hear? Take a few minutes today to measure their advice against this fantastic, detailed list from Jay MacDonald of MoneyWise. Maybe your agent is just bringing their experience to work on your behalf to help you avoid some very common pitfalls that can cost you thousands on your home sale. I can’t put it any better than Jay does: “You may not see how awful your home is. But they will.”

After you take a look, give me a call. I’ll help you put together a detailed plan to get your house ready and sold this spring for the best value possible.

1. Curb appeal no-nos.

2. Controversial decor.

3. Scary cracks and other defects.

4. Flooring fails.

5. Off-putting odors.

6. Helicopter occupants.


For details on these and the other 13 red flags, read the whole article here:

Yuck! Fix These Big Turnoffs If You Want to Sell Your Home.


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